What Are The Sources Of Revenue Models For Fintech Apps?

The term fintech is “finance” and “technology.” With state-of-the-art developments like blockchain and artificial reasoning, there are better approaches to carrying on with the money business. Fields including banking, insurance, loans are for the most part getting an online makeover.

Some of the best money applications like Mall91 have made a particular case regarding the online presence and income age. For a superior comprehension of the current fintech rise and its current biological system, let’s take a look at five proven methods.

  • Robo-advisors

Robo-advisors are a type of trading platform that generates money. For example, Betterment or Wealthfront allows web users to manage their cash automatically without paying financial experts. It also aids in commission-free trade, which has created the most incredible fintech app possible.

By 2023, the number of online users predicts to reach 147,018.4 thousand. It eloquently expresses online banking software’s enticing online investment trends. As a result, you should consider using this monetization strategy for your financial app.

  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions might be an excellent monetization method for becoming the top financial apps. For example, you can give your users free trials of the mobile banking app creation and charge the user for further use after the free trial period.

When it comes to making money, a subscription is the safest option. As a finance app, you’ll be able to generate revenue directly from online customers. In addition, because subscriptions are in fixed amounts, the app does not require any percentage planning or third-party integration. In a nutshell, subscriptions are the sole means financial apps generate revenue.

  • Promoting

Applications have turned into the wellspring of automatic promotion. Utilizing advertisements to adapt applications and bring in cash is very simple. An application owner must incorporate plug-ins into their application and compensate outside promotion companies.

Likewise, you can get compensated each time a promotion clicks. You can approach specific advanced firms, exchanging organizations, banking guides, and publicize your money application improvement. Your accounting application can produce income through pennant promotions and rich media advertisements.

  • Banner Ads

These are the ones that show up absolute first on the application’s landing page. They are essentially shown in various sizes and at the top or base pieces of the application screen.

Rich media commercials are interactive ads that include audio, video, text, graphics, and even mini-games. These adverts do not harm the user experience because they do not force users to exit the session.

  • Rebates for Market Makers

This monetization strategy has three primary stakeholders: the most crucial money taker, moneymaker, and the software itself.

Money Takers: Money-takers are online users who agree with the current order book prices and want to trade right away.

Market Maker: He is a person who sets orders for app users that are not in line with the current market price. Typically, a maker will attempt to sell for a more excellent price while purchasing for a lesser price.


With the rising app market, it’s clear that we need to think about money when developing our app concepts. However, putting these steps to the test and knowing what your competitors are doing is an excellent place to start. You may now know the answer to your inquiries about how fintech apps generate money, how free apps earn money, or how to make money from financial applications.