Best Potential Stocks To Invest For Long Term In 2022

It is fundamentally about accumulating and multiplying wealth when investing in stocks. Stock traders follow a basic principle about investing money in the share market: ‘buy low, sell high.

In 2022, the markets are drastically down. Investors are still determining which stocks to bet on as a potential recession and a protracted bear market continue. Finding the best stocks to buy right now becomes like looking for a needle in a haystack. Due to inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical upheaval, the expert community anticipates volatility to persist shortly.

P2P investment provides investors with an alternative asset class to protect their savings when stock markets are falling. They offer a higher rate of return as well. Because they use cutting-edge digital platforms, operational costs are lowered, and the websites typically have lower fees than conventional financial institutions.

Today an equity basket can bring your research down by a lot. For those who want the best stocks with the least amount of fuss, they are ideal. An equity basket is a collection of shares with predetermined weightings chosen by well-known figures and experts!

Today even digital gold is also coming off as a good investment as it is hassle-free, safe storage and earns a gold reward.

Stocks with Potential for Growth in 2022:

Purchasing a stock is simple, but selecting the best one without a tried-and-true plan is challenging. So which stocks are the best to buy right now or add to your watchlist?

HDFC Bank:

India’s banking industry serves as a gauge of the country’s economy and consumer growth. The sector’s better-run banks will continue to be excellent investment picks because they provide both size safety and solid underlying fundamentals. With a current market cap of approximately US$75 billion, or roughly Rs. 5,00,000 crores, HDFC Bank is on track to reach a market valuation of US$100 billion. All the ingredients an investor needs are in this stock.


One of the most significant industries in India and an essential source of export earnings is the information technology sector. Mphasis, a leading global provider of information technology (IT) solutions focused on cloud and cognitive services, uses cutting-edge technology to support organisations in their global transformation. Mphasis Ltd is a high-calibre firm, according to Moneyworks4me’s examination of its financial performance during the previous ten years. The company’s ability to provide an above-average return on capital indicates that the underlying business can develop and compound its value over time. The company creates a sustainable return on equity that is more than the estimated cost of capital.

Hindustan Unilever:

An Indian firm called Hindustan Unilever Limited manufactures consumer goods. Home care, beauty & personal care, meals & refreshment, and others are the company’s segments. HUL has a good product development strategy and a solid distribution network, which help it to be the market leader in 80% of its product line. In FY2022, more than 75% of items had volume and value market share increases. The company’s 16 brands generate more than Rs 1,000 crore in revenue, while the other two bring in more than Rs 5,000 crore. The fact that Hindustan Unilever’s EPS is increasing is a plus. It’s good to see that. Growing EPS is difficult for businesses, but Hindustan Unilever has demonstrated its ability. The insider share purchases are the cherry on top and give investors even more reason to keep a watch on this stock.